Actionable information: it's one of the most popular buzzwords in the survey world. A good customer satisfaction survey gathers information that can be used to identify issues and guide good business decisions. The problem is that sometimes, the sheer volume of "actionable information" prevents any "action" from taking place!

With Presto Logic, you can pick out the responses that you need to act on, and take the right action! 

Step 1: Find the dissatisfied customers

Let's start with a simple customer satisfaction survey:

Now, let's assume that we want to follow up with the customer if they gave any area a low score. First, let's add a yes/no question asking if the customer would like a followup ("Would you like a manager to contact you regarding your experience?") -- and only show it if any of the satisfaction questions had a low score. The resulting Presto Logic looks like this:

Note that you need four separate triggers in the same Presto Logic rule. The followup question is shown if the first question OR the second question OR the third question OR the fourth question had a low score.

Step 2: Get the contact information

Now let's find out if our dissatisfied customer wants to be contacted, and if so, how. Here's what we want to do, using layered Presto Logic:

  • Ask if the customer wants to be contacted 
  • If they answer yes, ask how they want to be contacted (email or phone) 
  • Get the contact information 

So, let's add four more questions to get the contact information...

...and add four new Presto Logic rules as follows:

  1. If the customer responds Yes to "Would you like a manager to contact you", show/require "How would you like to be contacted?" 
  2. If "How would you like to be contacted?" has ANY answer, show/require "Name:" 
  3. If "How would you like to be contacted?" is answered Phone, show/require "Phone number:" 
  4. If "How would you like to be contacted?" is answered Email, show/require "Email address:" 

The resulting Presto Logic rules look like this:

Step 3: Let the customer know we'll be following up

Of course, now that we've asked for their contact information, we should show a message that lets the customer know we'll be following up. We'll use a header question for this:

For the Presto Logic, we'll show this question if "Phone number:" OR "Email address" has been answered:

The result? Pretty slick!

That's how to use Presto Logic to spot issues in a CSAT survey, and get the customer's contact information for a followup. To see the completed survey, take a look at