Presto gives you many different options for survey links.  To explain which links you should give to your evaluators, let's look at a few examples that explain how they can used.  Once you've read through these, you'll be able to think of any more - and of course, if you have any questions, just click the Help tab on any Presto page to contact our support department.

Example 1: restaurant poster.  You want to put a poster in your restaurants with a QR code that your customers can scan and fill out a survey to evaluate the restaurant that they're visiting.  Here's the tricky part: you don't want to go to the trouble of making a different poster for each restaurant -- but when a customer in Biloxi scans the QR code, you want them to see the survey for the Biloxi restaurant -- not the survey for Kalamazoo.

Solution: choose the survey that you want your customers to fill out (Breakfast, in the example shown below), and Nearby for the target.  You'll get one QR code that you can print on all your posters, and that will show customers the targets near them.  A customer in Biloxi will scan the code and see the Biloxi restaurant, and a customer in Kalamazoo will see the Kalamazoo restaurant.  Got more than one restaurant in Biloxi?  No problem!  The "Nearby" code will show them all targets near by, and let them choose the correct one!

Example 2: survey code on a receipt.  You want to print links or QR codes on register receipts, so that customers can take your survey at home and comment on their experience.  You need the link/QR code to take the customer directly to the survey for the location that they visited. 

Solution: choose the survey that you want your customers to fill out (Store Visit, in the example shown below), and Show Individual for the target.  You'll get one link/QR code for each of your targets. You can enter these links or QR codes into your POS system, matching each one to the correct store, so that each of your stores will print receipts with a code that takes your customers to the survey for the store that they visited.  


Example 3: Letting customers choose the Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner survey

This is a variation of Example 1.  Once again, you have many restaurants, and you want to print out a poster with a single QR code that will let your customers find the restaurant closest to them.  There's only one problem: you have three different surveys, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Solution: You could solve this problem by printing three different posters (one for each survey)...but Presto makes it easier.  Instead of choosing a survey on the Links page, select Any.  Then select Nearby for the target, as in Example 1.  The resulting link or QR code will find the closest target, but will let your customers choose which survey they will fill out.  

Example 4: Loyalty program survey

You have a loyalty program that customers can sign up for in the store by giving their email addresses. Whenever a customer signs up, you want to send a followup email with a link to a customer satisfaction survey.  You don't know what location each customer visited, so you need to let them choose from a list.

Solution: choose the survey that you want your customers to fill out, and select Any target.  Then copy the link and paste it into the body of your email.  When a customer gets the email and clicks on the link, she will be asked to choose from a list of stores.