Note: This article assumes that you have access to the DNS records for your domain.

If you need to to point your own website or URL (for example, at a Presto survey, this can be done in several different ways.

DNS Provider Option

One way is to use a "HTTP Redirection Record" or "URL Record" provided by your DNS provider. If your DNS provider offers these types of records, this is by far the easiest method. Not all DNS providers do however (HTTP-level redirection is not an inherent part of DNS).

Note that if you use this method, make sure you use a standard "301" redirect -- NOT a "Frame Masked Redirect", as those tend to cause problems.

AWS S3 Option

If you have an Amazon Web Services ( account, you can use an S3 "bucket" as a redirect.

  1. Create an S3 bucket that is named after the domain you want to redirect. For example, if you are trying to redirect "" to a Presto survey, that must be the name of the bucket. Any region should work.
  2. In the bucket properties for your new bucket, select "Redirect all requests to another host name", enter in the full Presto URL you want to point to (your survey link) in the "‏‎Redirect all requests to" input box, and click Save.
  3. Add a CNAME record in your DNS configuration that points "" to "" .The dot at the end of the amazon host is intentional.

We have heard that it can take a couple of hours for Amazon to get this set up, but in our experience it happens much quicker.