How do I add an account for another user?

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Creating a user account

1.  If you have multiple companies, use the company/survey selector on the nav bar to select the company that you will be giving the new user access to.  Then click Setup -> Sharing. 

2. Enter the new user's email address in the Email box and select the access type, then click Grant Access.  A user withRead-Only access can view reports, view targets, get survey links and QR codes, and see a mobile preview of the company's surveys.  A user with Full access can perform all functions, including creating surveys.  

3.  An email is sent to the user notifying them that they have access to this company.  If the user did not previously have a Presto account, the email also includes a link that allows them to log into Presto (and set a password so they can log in again in the future).