Once you have created a survey and added locations, you need a batch, which will put your Insta-Shops on the Presto map.  A batch is a series of Insta-Shops and the settings that control them, such as:

  • The survey used for these shops
  • The date when the run is active (and the shops are on the map)
  • Which locations are included
  • The shopper pay
  • Shop guidelines
  • How long shoppers will have to complete the shop
  • Number of shops in the run (per location, per shopper, per shopper/location, and overall)

If you're a Presto Preferred Provider, you can create a batch by going to Setup -> Batches.  If you're not a Presto Preferred Provider, your first batch was created when you bought your first shops.  

How do I create a batch?

How do I change my batch settings?

How can I see the progress of my batch?

Funding Insta-Shops with a credit card