As a Presto Preferred Provider, you have one official PPP account.  This account is special in two ways:

  1. This account has no limits on the number of surveys you can create or the number of shops/evaluations you can collect.  
  2. This is the only account from which you can import survey data into SASSIE

So, you're saying that everyone at my company has to use the same login to use Presto?

No, but you need to make sure that all your Presto client companies are created using this PPP account.  If they aren't, you'll be using a trial account, you'll be limited to 50 total evaluations and you won't be able to transfer the data into SASSIE.

OK, I created the client company using the PPP account.  How can I let members of my staff create surveys for this client?

To let a staff member create surveys for a client:
  1. Use the company/survey selector on the nav bar to select the company that you will be giving clients access to.  Then click Setup -> Sharing.
  2. Enter your staff member's email address in the Email box under Company Access and select the access type as Full, then click Grant Access.
An email is sent to your staff member letting them know that they have access to the client company.  If this staff member didn't already have a Presto account, it creates an account for them, and includes a link that allows them to log into Presto (and set a password so they can log in again in the future).

Isn't there any way to let a staff member create client companies?

Yes!  It's called Create Companies Permission, and it's set up at the bottom of the same Sharing page.  By granting a staff member Create Companies permissions, you are giving them permission (while logged into their own account) to create companies that belong to your PPP account.  To do this, enter your staff member's email address in the email box under Create Companies Permission and click Grant Access.

Now, when this staff member creates a new company, they can choose to create the company on their own account, or on PPP account.