Presto CSAT can be used without an internet connection with the following limitations:

  • Only one survey can be used while you are offline.  You cannot switch to another survey without an internet connection.
  • The survey form must be loaded in the web browser while you have an internet connection.  
  • If you want to submit multiple evaluations with this survey (for example, auditing multiple locations), the survey must be configured with Rapid Reload.
  • Evaluations cannot be submitted while you are offline.  They can be completed and will be saved to be submitted when the auditor has a connection, but you will not see the results until they can connect and submit the evaluation.

Here's how it works:

First, while still connected to the internet, the auditor loads the survey in their mobile browser.  Note the "green man" icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This indicates that the device has an internet connection:


Next, the auditor goes to the location where the audit will be performed.  Let's assume that in this case, no internet connection is available.  Note that the "green man" is now red, indicating that there is no internet connection, but the auditor can still fill out the form:

IMPORTANT: the auditor must not load a different page in the browser in the meanwhile.  The survey form must still be in the browser in order to work offline.


The auditor completes the audit and clicks I'm done at the bottom of the form:


The Trash button deletes the current form and loads a new blank form.  It can be used in any situation where the audit form cannot be completed and the auditor wants to start over.

The auditor sees a popup that explains that the evaluation cannot be currently submitted, but will be stored and submitted when there is an internet connection.  To load a new blank form for a new audit, click Start New.  A new blank form is loaded.  This process can be continued as many times as necessary.

To submit the saved evaluations, when an internet connection is available, the auditor opens the survey link once more (or returns to the browser, if the survey is still loaded) and sees the following popup:


Clicking the green man, the auditor sees the last evaluation that they created while in offline mode (the previous evaluations are submitted automatically).  


To complete and submit this evaluation, the auditor clicks Continue Evaluation to open the evaluation, and clicks I'm Done tosubmit the evaluation.