Now that your shops are live on the Presto map, it's time to think about your reviewing process!  

Checking the status of your shops

You can check the status of your shops by going to Results -> Shops.  This page has five tabs:

  • In Progress: claimed by the shopper, but not yet completed and submitted
  • Needs Review: submitted by the shopper.  
  • Accepted: accepted by you.  Shops must be accepted to be visible in reporting or imported into SASSIE.
  • Rejected: rejected by you.  
  • Abandoned: not completed by the shopper within the shop time limit.  A shop can also be manually abandoned by a shopper, if they know they will not be able to complete it.  If a shop is abandoned, in most situations, the pin for that shop automatically goes back on the map, unless the batch restrictions prevent it.
  • All: all shop statuses.

You can filter the results on each tab by date, location, client company, survey, batch or shopper.

Reviewing shops

Shops are reviewed from the Needs Review tab.  To review a shop, click the pencil icon to the right of the shop listing.  This brings up a new tab/window where you can review the shop and make changes if necessary.  At the bottom of the page are four buttons:

  • Accept: accept the shop (with any changes you have made).  This allows the shopper to be paid, and makes the shop visible in reporting and importable by SASSIE.  Optionally, you may choose to Accept but exclude, meaning that you want to accept the shop and pay the shopper, but exclude it from reporting.  You also have the option to disable the shop location if you do not want it to be shopped in the future.
  • Reject: reject the shop.  You have the option to provide the shopper with a reason for the rejection (strongly recommended). Shoppers may appeal the rejection.  If a shop is rejected, in most situations, the pin for that shop automatically goes back on the map, unless the batch restrictions prevent it.  Optionally, you may choose to Reject but pay, meaning that the shop is rejected but you still want to pay the shopper.  
  • Request Revision: allows the reviewer to request a change by the shopper.  This puts the shop back in In Progress status and sends a message to the shopper from the reviewer, explaining the requested revision.  If you request a revision, the shopper has 24 hours to resubmit the shop (which puts it back in Needs Review).  If the shop is not resubmitted within 24 hours, it is automatically rejected.
  • Save: save your edits but do not change the shop status.  The shop remains in Needs Review.

"Accept but exclude" vs. "Reject but pay"

The difference between "Accept but exclude" and "Reject but pay" is mostly semantic, since both make the shop not reportable, and typically return the location to the map to be reshopped (as long as the batch is still active).  "Accept but exclude" should be used in situations where the shop was performed correctly, but cannot be accepted for reasons that are not the shopper's fault (for example, a location that should not be shopped and that was mistakenly included in the batch).  "Reject but pay" should be used for shops that were not performed correctly, but for reasons that were not the shopper's fault (for example, incorrect instructions, an error in the shop form, or a situation that was not anticipated in the shop guidelines, etc.).

NOTE: You have 72 hours to review a shop and either accept it, reject it or request a revision from the shopper.  After 72 hours, all shops are automatically accepted and become payable.