Presto Dispatch is designed for situations where you want to schedule shops in SASSIE, but have your shoppers fill them out on a mobile device.  The shop results are imported back into SASSIE, where they can be viewed by your client.  

To set up a project with Presto Dispatch, follow these steps

  1. Create a Presto Insta-Shops survey for shoppers to fill out
  2. Create a matching SASSIE survey if you don't already have one (Tip: if you create the Presto survey first you can use the Presto Survey Importer to create your SASSIE survey)
  3. Add the locations to the SASSIE client company
  4. Add the locations to the Presto Insta-Shops client company
  5. Create a batch on Presto Insta-Shops
  6. Create an autosession in SASSIE (and make sure your shoppers have Insta-Shopper accounts)
  7. Create a Presto Dispatch project in SASSIE and dispatch them to Presto, where they will be filled out by shoppers

Too many steps?  Don't despair, it's easier than it looks!

Step 1: Create a Presto Insta-Shops survey for shoppers to fill out

The first step is to create the survey that you want your shoppers to fill out.  Remember to:

  • Use your Presto Preferred Provider account to create the client company and survey -- otherwise you won't be able to import your results into SASSIE
  • Create a survey that works well on a mobile device -- that's where shoppers will be filling out your survey (hint: no long narratives!)

Haven't created an Insta-Shops survey before?  It's easy-- see our knowledge base for helpful articles to get you started with the Survey Builder!!

Why create the survey in Presto first?  Two reasons: 1)it's easier (and if you haven't created the SASSIE survey yet, you can use the Presto Importer to create your SASSIE survey), and 2)Presto has fewer available question types than SASSIE, so by creating the Presto survey first, you may avoid problems because of incompatible question types.

If you plan to review shops in SASSIE and not in Presto, you can have your Presto survey set to auto-approve shops immediately after submission.  Contact our support department at if you want to do this.

Step 2: Create a matching SASSIE survey

If you don't already have a matching SASSIE survey, you'll need to create one.  This is the survey that will be used to schedule the shops, and that will receive the shop data after shoppers complete their reports in Presto.  This survey must have a matching question for each question on the Presto survey.

If you haven't created the SASSIE survey yet, save yourself some time and let Presto Survey Importer create it for you.  This saves a LOT of work!  One gotcha, though - you won't be able to update the survey in SASSIE.  That's not a problem, because you can edit it in Presto and then just update the mapping to bring your changes into SASSIE!

Step 3: Add the locations to the SASSIE client company

Once again, you're going to have to do this in both places - but the Presto location importer is much easier to use, so we recommend adding the locations to SASSIE first!  

Step 4: Add the locations to the Presto Insta-Shops client company

To add the locations in Presto, first export the locations from SASSIE.  Select the STANDARD export option: you won't be reimporting these:

Then cut and paste the location information from the export spreadsheet into the "Add many locations" page in Presto.  You don't need all the information that is exported from SASSIE, just the location name, location ID and address information.  Before importing, make sure that you have the correct Presto client company selected!

Step 5: Create a batch in Presto

A batch in Presto is like an autoscheduler session in SASSIE.  It specifies the survey, the shopper pay, the time limit and any other restrictions on this group of shops.  If you've never created a Presto batch before, you should read our knowledge base article on setting up batches.  

Presto Dispatch batches should have the following settings:

  • Batch name: you can set this to anything, to make sure to remember what it is -- you'll need to select it in step 7!
  • Shopper pay: 0 (because you'll be reviewing shops and paying shoppers in SASSIE),  This means that you don't have to fund this project, but you do have to have shop credits, so contact Presto Support ( with the name of your client company so we can make sure you have enough credits.  
  • Time to complete once claimed: the amount of time that you want to allow the shopper to complete the shop and submit the report once they have claimed it in Presto (basically, once they have accepted the assignment)
  • Per location limit and per shopper limitno limit (remember, you're assigning these to shoppers in SASSIE, so you don't want to get tripped up by limits in Presto)
  • Batch visibility: private.  These are assigned shops - you don't want them showing up on the public Presto map
  • End date: this should be set to the end date of the SASSIE autosession, minus the time to complete that you set in the batch. For example, if the SASSIE autosession due date is 6/30/17, and the time to complete in the batch is 720 minutes (12 hours), set the end date in the batch to 6/30/17 11:59 AM. This will ensure that your shops are completed and submitted by the end of the SASSIE autosession end date.  

Step 6: Create an autosession in SASSIE

Next, create an autosession as you would normally do.  You need to assign the shoppers in SASSIE before you can dispatch the shops to Presto.  

In the autosession notes, make sure you explain to shoppers that they will need to complete their shop report in Presto, and will need to have a Presto Insta-Shopper account with the same email as their SASSIE account (use to link to our Knowledge Base article on how to sign up as an Insta-Shopper).  You should also remind shoppers to verify their email address once they've signed up - they won't be able to do shops if their email isn't verified.

Step 7: Create a Presto Dispatch project in SASSIE

Now you're ready to hook everything together and dispatch your shops!  To do this, select your client and survey from the main admin page in SASSIE and go to Presto Dispatch:

If you used the Survey Importer to create your SASSIE survey, you already have a project as shown above.  This maps the Presto survey to the SASSIE survey and lets you import Presto data into SASSIE.  If you don't have a project that maps your two surveys, see our knowledge base article for instructions to create one.  

Whether you already had a project or just created one, you'll need to have some special settings to dispatch the shops from SASSIE to Presto.  Click the plus sign to expand the project, then click Settings:

Some settings have special meaning for Presto Dispatch:

  1. Enable Shop Mode: must be checked to dispatch shops.
  2. Dispatch Options:
    - Presto Batch: select the Presto batch that you're using for these shops. This is the batch name that you set back in Step 5.
    - Shopper Lockout: check this box if you want to lock dispatched shops so that shoppers cannot edit them in SASSIE while they are dispatched.
  3. Import options: These options for how to handle various problem situations:
    - Evaluation ID missing: if the SASSIE shop was deleted, and a shopper completes and submits the Presto shop, how should it be handled on import?
    - Shopper email mismatch: if the shopper changed their email address on SASSIE or on Presto, so that the email on the completed shop in Presto doesn't match the email of the assigned SASSIE shopper, what should be done with the shop?
    - Evaluation not in import-ready status: if the SASSIE shop has been changed so it is no longer in "New" status (for example, if the shop was unassigned in Process Apps), how should this be handled?
    - Shopper Lockout: if you selected the shopper lockout option above, checking this box will unlock the shop once it has been edited, so that it can be edited by the shopper.
  4. Add Missing Locations can be checked, but it won't do you any good for a Presto Dispatch project.  Remember, to dispatch shops you must schedule them in SASSIE -- and you can't do that without a location.
  5. Default imported Evaluation status: set this to Completed if you intend to review shops in SASSIE, or to Finalized if you intend to accept shops without reviewing them.
  6. Notification Emails are not required but highly recommended.  You'll get some immediate feedback on the page when you dispatch your shops, but most dispatch and import activities are scheduled and don't happen immediately.  The notification emails let you know if something went wrong (for example, if a shop couldn't be dispatched because there is no shopper with a matching email in Presto).

After you have saved the settings, the project's Dispatch button is active:

If you haven't assigned the shops in SASSIE, do so now! 

You don't have to schedule all the shops before dispatching - just remember that the shops aren't dispatched and available to shoppers until you 1)schedule them in SASSIE and 2)push the Dispatch button in Presto Dispatch.  In the example shown above, only three shops in the autosession are currently scheduled, and only these three will be dispatched. 


You can also set up an automatic dispatch to have any newly scheduled shops dispatched on a set schedule.  To do this, submit a SASSIE tracker requesting an automatic dispatch.  Make sure to provide the Presto and SASSIE survey IDs (from the project on the Presto Dispatch page).

Click Dispatch to dispatch the currently scheduled shops.  You will see a message indicating that the scheduled (and not yet dispatched) shops were successfully dispatched:

The message remains on the Presto Dispatch page until you delete it by clicking the X

If you set up a notification email address, you'll get an email on the status of your dispatched shops:

What the shopper sees

Once a shop has been successfully dispatched, it will show up on the Incomplete Shops list on the shopper's Insta-Shopper account:

The shopper clicks Continue to claim the shop:

Once the shopper has claimed the shop, they can see the time that they have left to complete and submit the shop report (from the batch settings).  Before they can fill out the form, they are usually required to check in at the shop location:

Your survey settings determine how close the shopper must be to the shop location.  If you use the "Must Be Nearby" setting, shoppers are forced to geolocate very close to the shop location, which can sometimes fail because of bad internet or a difficult location for GPS or other location services.  If you don't use this setting, shoppers will still be required to get a geocode, and will be warned if they appear to be too far away.

If you don't want to require your shoppers to check in (that is, not get a geocode at all), you can have all location checking disabled for your Presto survey - just contact our support department at

After checking in, the shopper can fill out and submit the shop report:

Getting your shops into SASSIE

Once shoppers have submitted their shop reports, the shops must be accepted in Presto before they can be imported into SASSIE.  If you didn't ask our support department to set your Presto survey to auto-approve shops, you should manually review and accept the shops in Presto.

The advantage of reviewing shops in Presto is that you can request revisions of shoppers and they can make the revisions in Presto

The advantage of having Presto shops auto-approved is that you can import them into SASSIE as soon as the shoppers have submitted them

Next, go to the Presto Dispatch page and click the Import button under your project.  You will see a message that your import has been scheduled.  If you set up notification emails, you will also receive an email notification when the import has completed:

Your newly imported shops appear in the admin shop log:

Want to have your shops imported automatically?  Submit a SASSIE tracker requesting an automatic import.  Make sure to provide the Presto and SASSIE survey IDs (from the project on the Presto Dispatch page).