To get a self-serve storefront, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new company to be your storefront company

All your storefront surveys must be created in a single company that is owned by your Presto Preferred Provider account.  To avoid confusion, you should not use this company for other surveys.

How do I create a new company?

Once you have created your storefront company, please contact our support department at so that we can configure it as a storefront company.  

Step 2: Create the Self-Serve surveys that you want to offer in your storefront

Each survey represents a different offering that you will put in your storefront (for example, Fast Food, Price Check, etc.). It is important to design your survey carefully, and communicate the scope of the shop clearly.  Because the price is set in advance, self-serve surveys are designed to be very much "off the rack", with only minor changes.  Clients can make modifications to question and answer option text, and can delete questions, but cannot add new ones. To be safe and avoid changes to the scope of the shop or the shopper expenses, we suggest being very clear in the description of each shop (ex. includes a single purchase up to x dollars, includes a single visit to your location, shopper will evaluate these specific services, etc.).  You don't want someone turning a $20 self serve fast food shop that pays the shopper $5 into a fine dining shop with lots of new requirements that no shopper will ever do for $5.

It's also very important to write clear and comprehensive shopper guidelines.  Remember, you will not be scheduling shops, and will not be interacting with shoppers as they do the shop.  Make sure any questions are answered in advance.  Shopper guidelines are entered on the Advanced tab when editing the survey

How do I create a survey?

Step 3: Determine the unit price for each shop

The unit price is what the client pays for each shop.  Itincludes:

  • What the shopper is going to get paid (remember there is no separate reimbursement pay for Presto shoppers, so what they get paid should cover their expenses and their fee)
  • The $5 Presto fee that goes to us
  • Your fee (i.e. your profit on this shop)
  • An additional 6% processing fee (this covers our costs in charging their credit card and our cost for paying the shopper through Paypal)

The unit price, shopper fee and shopper guidelines are entered on the Advanced tab when editing the survey.

Step 4: Set up the storefront

There are two ways to set up a storefront:

  1. Create your own (a webpage with links to your surveys)
  2. Buy one of our pre-made storefronts (essentially a Word Press template) displayed on  Our pre-made storefronts require a $250 setup fee which includes:
    • Small customizations to rebrand the store front and hook up the self serve surveys you created      
    • Two rounds of design changes (within the capabilities of the Word Press template)
    •  One hour a month of free updates to the list of surveys you're offering
    • Hosting, which can be done in the following ways:

When you have created the surveys and determined the price points, and are ready to proceed with setting up your storefront, email and we'll help you get set up.