To create a Self-Serve storefront, follow these steps:

  1. Create a company on your Presto Insta-Shops account to serve as your storefront company.  This must be created on a PPP account.  Once you have created this account, notify Presto support ( of the company to use for your storefront.

  2. Create the surveys that you want to offer in your storefront.  These surveys should have names that describe the shop.

  3. On each survey, go to the Advanced tab and enter the options in the "Configure this survey as a SelfServ template" section.  These are:

    1. Unit price: the total price you are charging the client for each shop.

    2. Shopper pay: what the shopper will be paid for each shop (including any expenses).

    3. Shopper guidelines: instructions for the shopper to complete the shop.

      Once you have entered the unit price and the shopper pay, Presto subtracts the Presto fee and the payment processing fee and displays your net for each shop.

  4. When you have finished creating surveys and setting prices, contact Presto support ( and tell us whether you will create your own storefront page on your site (with links to your storefront surveys) or use one of our Wordpress storefronts (  There is a $250 setup fee for a Wordpress storefront.  We will contact you with additional information needed to set up your storefront.