Are you having problems with your Presto import?  That's ok, we're here to help.  Go through these handy steps and see if they don't make it all better.

  1. Are there Presto shops/evaluations that are ready to be imported?  If your data is coming from Presto CSAT, check on Presto to make sure that you have completed evaluations.  If your data is coming from Presto Insta-Shops, check on Presto to make sure that you have accepted shops that have NOT been excluded.  Unless your Insta-Shops survey is set up so that all your shops are accepted automatically, you must manually review and accept all shops (ad not exclude them) before they can be imported.
  2. Do you have a matching SASSIE survey?  You must have a SASSIE survey with a matching question for every Presto question that you want to import.  This survey can be created in SASSIE or imported from Presto.  
  3. Is your Presto import project set up and active?  You must have an active survey project including an importer mapping and default settings (to assign dates, handle missing locations, report results, etc.).
  4. Is your import mapping up to date?  Before attempting an import, first verify that the question mapping is current.
  5. Do you have any duplicate location IDs in SASSIE?  If you have two locations on one client with the same location ID, the importer will be unable to import shops to that location.  To fix this, either deactivate or change the location ID of the location into which you do not want to import data.  If you still have problems after doing this, open a SASSIE tracker and let our support team know that you had duplicate location IDs.  
  6. Do the locations for all your shops have matching locations (matching IDs) in SASSIE (or have you set the importer settings to add missing locations)?  Presto data cannot be imported into SASSIE unless there is a location with a matching location ID.  
  7. Have you added your email address to the Notification e-mails in the import settings?  
  8. If this is NOTPresto Dispatch project (Shop Mode/dispatching shops from SASSIE), does the SASSIE survey have kiosk mode enabled in the SASSIE survey settings?
  9. If this IS a Presto Dispatch project (Shop Mode/dispatching shops from SASSIE), have you selected the "Do not import" option for the problem scenarios?  Dispatched shops may not be able to be imported normally under three conditions: 
    1. The original SASSIE shop no longer exists
    2. The Presto shopper's email does not match the email of the SASSIE shopper to whom the shop was assigned (the email was changed on one system but not both)
    3. The original SASSIE shop was modified and is no longer in New status
      The default setting for these three situations is to not import the shop.  If your shops are not importing, please make sure that none of these error conditions exist, or modify the Shop Mode settings to allow the shop to be imported.  
  10. Have you clicked the Import button?  Unless you have made arrangements with SASSIE support to have your imports run periodically, your evaluations will not be imported unless you manually click the Import button.  
  11. Have you read the notification email?  If there is a problem, the notification email will usually identify one of the issues above.  

If you have tried these steps and are still having difficulties, please open a SASSIE tracker and let our support team know the SASSIE client and survey, the Presto client and survey, whether this is Presto Insta-Shops or Presto CSAT, and what steps you've tried or had trouble with.