Batch categories are a tool that allows you to use the same survey for multiple scenarios, while minimizing the possibility of shopper error.  Consider the case where you are running several slightly different shops for the same project -- for example, a fast food survey where the shopper must order a meal that depends on the scenario, and record information that is mostly (but not entirely) the same.

Batch categories solve this problem by guiding the shopper to eliminate these errors.  They work with one or more hidden survey questions that are used to trigger Presto Logic, plus some custom code that is written by Presto's support staff.  The shopper selects a pin from the Presto map, which belongs to a batch that has certain batch categories.  When the survey is loaded, the custom code checks the batch categories and sets the hidden question to indicate which scenario this shop is.  

To illustrate this with a specific example.  The client is a fast food company that serves both breakfast and lunch, and that wants shoppers to evaluate both meals in both dine-in and takeout scenarios.  The requirements are as follows:

  • Four shop scenarios: breakfast drive-thru, breakfast takeout, lunch drive-thru, lunch takeout
  • ALL breakfast shops require the shopper to purchase a breakfast sandwich and a beverage that is NOT a soft drink.
  • ALL lunch shops require the shopper to purchase a lunch entree and any beverage.
  • ALL drive-thru shops require a photo of the drive-thru menu board

Using batch categories, all requirements can be met with a single survey.

Step 1: Create a survey with all questions and answer options for all scenarios

Begin by creating a survey that includes all questions and answer options for all scenarios.  In this case, we will have the following:

  • Two header questions, one for ALL breakfast shops and one for ALL lunch shops, reminding shoppers of what to purchase
  • One photo question to be used only with drive-thru shops, whether they are breakfast or lunch
  • A beverage question where only four answer options are shown for breakfast shops and all answer options are shown for lunch shops
  • A meal question where two answer options are shown for breakfast shops and two answer options are shown for lunch shops

Step 2: Add a triggering question

At the top of the survey, add a multichoice question with one answer option per scenario.  The response to this question will be set by custom code written by Presto Support.  Eventually you will hide this question from the shopper, but while you are testing the survey setup, it is best to have it shown.

Step 3: Add Presto Logic rules to show questions and answer options for each scenario

Now add Presto Logic rules that trigger based on the response to the triggering question.  For this survey, you need three rules as shown below:

  1. For a breakfast drive-thru OR breakfast takeout shop, hide the answer options for the lunch food items and the soft drinks, and show the header question reminding the shopper of the purchase requirements for a breakfast shop.
  2. For a lunch drive-thru OR lunch takeout shop, hide the answer options for the breakfast food items, and show the header question reminding the shopper of the purchase requirements for a lunch shop.
  3. For a breakfast drive-thru OR lunch drive-thru shop, show the drive-thru menu board photo upload question

NOTE: once you have added the Presto Logic, you can use the Survey Builder's Preview function to test that your Presto Logic is working correctly, by selecting each scenario and verifying that the correct questions and answer options are shown.

Step 4: Create batches

Next, create a batch for each of the four scenarios.  Each batch should have a name and guidelines that are appropriate for the scenario, and may contain location groups, quotas or any other criteria that you wish to use for that batch.  

NOTE: if you need to create additional limitations, such as time between shops at the same location or whether a shopper may claim two different shops at the same location, you can do this using batch groups.

Step 5: Contact support

Once your batches are set up, contact Presto Support with the following information:

  • The survey ID
  • The batch IDs
  • Which category or categories is associated with each batch, and what response should be set on the triggering question for shops in that batch

Support will create the batch category setup on the batches and write the custom code on the survey.

Step 6: Test batches

Use the Presto map to find and claim a shop from each of your batches, then click through to verify that you are seeing the correct scenario selection.

NOTE: it is highly recommended that you set your batches as private or company private before testing.  Only make the batches public once you are done and are sure that everything is working correctly.

Step 7: Hide the triggering question

To hide the triggering question, add an "always" Presto Logic rule (one with no triggering criteria) that hides the question:

That's it!