BBCode is a markup language that can be used to format text, present hyperlinks and embed images in Presto survey text.  It is similar to HTML, but less standardized.  Presto recognizes a subset of BBCode tags (denoted with square brackets []) that can be added to Presto question or answer option text to produce the following effects:

  • Underline
  • Italics
  • Color (using hex code or color names 
  • Font size (between 6 and40 point)
  • Hyperlink
  • Image

Text with BBCode
This is [i]italic text[/i]
This is italic text
This is [u]underlined text[/u]This is underlined text

This is [color=red]red text[/color]

This is [color=#ff0000]also red text[/color]

This is red text
This is also red text
This is [size=30]30 point type[/size]This is 30 point type
This is a [url=]link to Google[/url]This is a link to Google